Let's Keep a Good Thing Going!

The Platform

Serving The Community


Over the past decade, I have worked to make Gulfport more beautiful, more prosperous, more resilient and more accessible. Through good times and bad, we have kept Gulfport moving forward. I want to continue leading our city, making our government more effective and providing sound,long-term solutions.

Keeping Gulfport Strong


In order to insure a promising future for our people and our city, we must continue to upgrade and improve our infrastructure, protect our waters and public spaces, keep our residents safe and continue providing the high level of service that our community deserves. Our preparation, diligence and hard work today will provide benefits for years to come.

Goals and Accomplishments


No single person can do it alone. It takes a productive Council, dedicated city staff, community involvement and a collaborative work environment to keep our city moving forward. Today, we have that integral combination.

Here's what we have done:

In the past 6 years, we have invested heavily in our infrastructure. 

  • Rehabilitating our aging sewer system has been a priority, and we have been tackling this daunting task with great success over my last two terms.
  • Repaving and repairing our roadways and alleys. We have consistently increased these budgets over the last few years in order to accelerate this work. Gulfport Blvd. was completed in 2018.
  • Facility upgrades at the Marina, Library, Theater, Casino, Rec Center and now the History Museum.
  • Improvements to Gulfport Beach and Shore Blvd.
  • Renovation of all major city parks and playgrounds in the last 6 years.
  • Converted the vast majority of city streetlights to longer-lasting more eco-friendly LED's at no cost to the city.
  • Completion of the 49th St. Storm Water project which prevents roughly 8000 lbs. of contaminants from entering our public waters each year.
  • Maintained a high level of service to our residents and visitors without increasing our millage rate for the last 7 years.
  • Secured over 4 million dollars in grants and appropriations from outside the city to fund much needed public works projects

Going forward:

  • Upgrade and renovate our Senior Center.
  • Start incorporating solar and alternative energy components into new and existing city facilities.
  • Complete ongoing projects such as sewer upgrades, Trolley Market Square on the Tangerine Greenway, and the bike / pedestrian connector route from downtown Gulfport to the Skyway and Pinellas Trails.
  • Continue accelerating sidewalk repair, replacement and installation.
  • Protecting our emergency services, keeping them in house, so that they can protect us.
  • Increase partnerships with regional entities involved with environmental and coastal resiliency efforts.
  • Petition federal government to give Gulfport one unique zip code following the 2020 census.
  • Continue crafting policy and making decisions that secure our future and keep Gulfport Gulfport.

Get involved!

Follow the campaign and related events on my facebook page, or email me if f you would like to help. Thank you!